What friends are for.

Today is Paisley’s Birth Day. At long last, she will be here. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you can catch up here.

This pregnancy has been a long and arduous journey for Natalie and Shawn. They have gone through things that no parent should ever have to. They have been told “Your baby will not survive.” They have been told that they had the option to abort her. They have been told that they might need palliative care. And through it all, they have hoped. Hoped, and prayed, and remained SO strong. Fought, and loved, and cried. They have been through an incredible journey already, and Paisley is not yet here. They have been two of the strongest people that I know.

And I was reminded of this yet again today. I received an email from a relative of Natalie and Shawn, telling me that -I- was an amazing person for coming up with Camo For Paisley. As if I am the one who should be getting credit. And it really made me think. For one thing, Natalie and Shawn’s families were totally the people behind Camo For Paisley. The idea was mine, but they took the tiny bar night I had planned out in my head and made it an amazing, huge event with a huge turnout and a great time for all. They really went above and beyond and put their entire heart and soul into it. So if you should thank anyone, it should be them.

But more than that, I think the people that are at the heart of Camo For Paisley ARE Nat and Shawn. They have been the strongest parents I know, despite every turn and twist in their story. They have stood up for what they believe is right, which is giving their baby every chance to live and love and grow. They have inspired people. And they have inspired me. They have inspired tens of people, probably hundreds of people, with their strength and hope and faith. They are true friends, and they are the reason I wanted to come up with a way to help them. Because not only does Paisley deserve it, but they deserve it. They deserve to be at her bedside every minute that they can, without worrying about having to be back at work or who will pay the rent. They deserve to have a night out at a restaurant or to sleep in a good hotel once in a while, without sleeping at Ronald McDonald House (which is amazing, btw) and eating cafeteria food every day. And, even more importantly, they deserve to have the support, love, and prayers of their amazing family, friends, and community. How could you NOT want to help them?

I mean basically, that’s what friends are for. Friends are there to see the troubles you are having, and to try to ease the load. They are not there to be there when they can. They are there to be there when you need them. I think that Natalie and Shawn have proven themselves as being true friends, and they deserve to have that support right back. 

I find that in getting older and having my own family, it is easy to see who your true friends are. Friends are not just people that you hang out with so that you’re not bored. Friends are your support system, and you are theirs. That person who meant so much to you but now only calls you when they need a favour? Not your friend. But that person who will listen to you cry, who will let you bitch about your husband or complain about your kids, or come over when your house is a disaster and you aren’t dressed even though the clock says PM and will look past those things… that’s a real friend. And I know that Nat and Shawn are those true friends to so many people. I was so glad to see last Friday the amount of people that are true friends to this amazing couple. You truly get what you give in life, and it’s absolutely phenomenal to see that in action. Can’t wait to see all the love pouring in on Paisley once she is born. What an astonishing thing to be a part of. Thank you, Borecki family, for letting me see into your world and share in a piece of the love that all of you have. 


5 responses to “What friends are for.

  1. Trianna,
    YOU are one amazing woman!!!!! Natalie, Shawn and Paisley are so lucky to have you in their corner. They couldn’t ask for a better friend. Paisley is a trooper and she WILL get through all of this as her parents are two of the strongest people I know and she is already following their footsteps. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family over the past few months. Its impossible to describe how incredibly thankful myself and my family are.


    • Honestly, Katie, like I said, how can you not want to help them? They are great people, and that’s just what friends do. They-and their amazing faith and strength- are the amazing people here.

    • Hey Maggie,
      Sorry it took so long to reply. Paisley was born June 5th and passed away June 7th. Her parents and extended family all got to meet her and love her and snuggle her, but her heart just wasn’t quite strong enough for this world so she went up to heaven. The funeral was lovely and she was an absolutely beautiful little girl. She definitely changed a lot of lives in her short little life ❤

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